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Vedette BK-433 - Project 1124

BKA bronirovannyie katera  BK-433 - Project 1124 BKA
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"The Soviet BK1125 boat was used between 1939 and 1945 in all European fronts, from Austria in 1945 to all rivers. This armoured ship was used like a tank in a river, in fact Bronekater (BK) means armoured ship. The ship was specially designed to carry different turrets, specially T34, T28 turrets and Dushka turrets. The normal tank factories produced the same turrets for tanks and ships.
The Soviets used these ships in frontal attacks against land-based tanks and enemy infantry. These ships were armed with Katiusha rockets and T34 turrets - the effect was terrifying. The BK ships were also used for carpet bombing fortifications or cities (Vienna in Austria was bombed by these ships).
The BK had 10 crew, all of them naval personnel. She's "bronekater" - armoured boat with new gun turretts F-34 76/41,5 from tanks T-34. Displacement 44,4ts, loa 25,3m, draught 0,7m. Built since 1933 in Zelenodolsk, works Krasnyi Metallist (zavod no.340), Stalingrad (zavod no.264) and Izhorskiy pod Leningradom (zavod no.363) in various version.
The BK ships were transported by train to move the units from a river to other, it was therefore specifically designed to enter tunnels and cross bridges aboar



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