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General Dynamics Flyer Internally Transportable Vehicle ITV Eurosatory 2016

General Dynamics Flyer 60  Internally Transportable Vehicle ITV Eurosatory 2016
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The Flyer-60 Advanced Light Strike Vehicle was developed to fill operational gaps in fixed and rotary wing ground mobility deployment requiring a lightweight, mobile, air transportable vehicle capable of being rapidly reconfigured for a variety of mission needs. The Flyer-60 is a mature, highly mobile platform, with a payload capacity of up to 3,500 pounds and meets all internal transport requirements for the V-22 Osprey. Capable of being either internally and externally transportable in the V-22, CH-53, C-130 and C-5 aircraft. The Flyer-60 can move to and from the event location with a higher payload capacity and increased range over traditional transport capabilities.
As a reliable and high performance vehicle, the Flyer-60 offers safe and fast operating speeds with superior levels of mobility and maneuverability. It’s highly adaptable to severe, rugged and restrictive terrains while providing off-road, cross-country mobility in all types of weather conditions.

Rapid Mission Reconfiguration Modularity
The Flyer vehicle’s modular approach provides the warfighter with a rapid mission reconfiguration capability. The vehicle can quickly be reconfigure in the field, to perform multiple missions such as light strike assault, rescue and evacuation, command and control, and reconnaissance, either armored or unarmored. The vehicle can easily incorporate a 360º weapon ring or carry up to a five patient litter.


• Light Strike Armored or Unarmored
• Rescue and Personnel Recovery
• Reconnaissance
• C4ISR (Sensor, UAV, SOWT, RSTA)
• Communication

The Flyer-60 is a Non-Developmental Item (NDI) containing 80% COTS and HWMVV platforms. The Flyer has a state of the art diesel 1.9L 150 Hp six-speed power train, cooling, brake and fuel systems with a low fuel consumption rate of 24mpg when traveling at 40mph.
The Flyer maximizes the use of HWMVV NSN parts such as: differentials, steering rod ends, tie down rings, light system, alternator, batteries, suspension ball joints, air compressor and tires.