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International Armored Group .Guardian APC Eurosatory 2016

International Armored Group .Guardian Armored Personnel Carrier Eurosatory 2016
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Le IAG Guardian est un véhicule blindé tyoe MRAP  fournissant  une protection sur le terrains Il est tout terrain et possèdent beaucoup de  composants civil d'ou un coût de maintenance réduit. Le Guardian est entirement blindé et protégé  et il est, conçu pour résister aux menaces balistiques type IED .Sa carrosserie  lui permet de resister aux  proectiles des mitrailleuses légères. Les éléments vitaux tels que le compartiment moteur et le réservoir de carburant sont super protégés Il peut recevoir une tourelle rotative sur le toit avec possibilité de montage de mitrailleuses lourdes ,lance-grenades et de roquettes.
Il peut aussi rouler avec un pneu à plat.
L'intérieur du Guardian est modulable  avec différentes options qui comprend des sièges baquets individuels, des bancs et des sièges  Dans les ajouts, tels que systèmes d 'arrimage peuvent être installés


AG Guardian is an armored personnel carrier that provides high level of ballistic and blast resistance, extreme survivability, off-road capability and commercial compatibility ensuring low maintenance costs. The Guardian features full vehicle armoring with certified ballistic material designed to resist incoming ballistic threats from any angle. The vehicle body is fully armored to defeat multiple hits from high power rifles and light machine guns. The floor is specially designed to offer protection against IEDs and landmines. The special light weight armor package is designed to minimize the GVWR and maximize mobility & off-road capability. Key components such as the engine bay and fuel tank are also protected with armor enclosures. The 360 degree rotating turret system can be mounted to the roof escape hatch for additional protection, with provision for several weapon mounts and rocket or grenade launchers. The mechanical components such as the suspension and braking systems have been designed for superior drivability and to sustain the entire armoring weight. The high payload military grade tires are equipped with beadlock tactical wheels and run-flat assemblies and can be outfitted with an optional central tire inflation system (CTIS).
The interior of the Guardian is fully customizable with various options that include individual bucket seats, benches, and jump seats. In addition, a seat restraint system can be installed to keep personnel secured during high speed manoeuvers. The Guardian Armored Personnel Carrier has a maximum seating capacity of 10 fully geared personnel. Depending on client requirement, the seating configuration can be customized to accommodate specific seating orientation, add Blast Attenuation & Mitigation Seat System and increase cargo room. Other interior features include 4-point harness seatbelts, storage bins, spring loaded gun ports, roof escape hatch, IAG patented 3-point door locking mechanism, powerful internal climate control systems and an audio/visual entertainment system.



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