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Landing Craft Control LCC Maquette Paris

Landing Craft Control LCC Maquette Paris
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As lead-in navigational craft for landing boats, to mark line of departure, for traffic control, for preliminary hydrographic surveys.
Similar in appearance to the LCS (S).  This steel-hull craft is distinguished by its collapsible antennae and radar.  Usually carried on the decks of APA's and AKA's and lowered by booms.  Not intended to beach
Technical Data
Displacement 30 tons
Crew 14
Lenght 17 m
Beam 4.17m
Draft 0.97 m
Motorisation 2 Diesel x225 HP
Endurance  500 m /10 kts
                    240 m/13.5 kts
Maw Speed 13.4 kts
Armament  3xtwin 50 cal
Smoke pots
Special equipement Gyro Compas



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