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Landing Craft Support large Maquette Paris

Landing Craft Support large Maquette Paris
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Les Fairmile "H" craft (latter type).sont des conversion des LCI effectuées en chantier avant le lancement.

Fairmile "H" craft (latter type). They were converted from LCI(S) craft before completion.
The Fairmile H Landing Craft were British landing craft of the Second World War. Initially designed for commando type raids from a base in Britain as a way of probing enemy defenses and tying down additional troops, some were converted into fire support vessels.
10 LCS(L)2 were fitted with the Army's manually-loaded Mk 5 gun in a Valentine tank turret to provide close-in gunfire support for amphibious landings
Two variants were developed:
The Fairmile H LCI (S)
This was the Landing Craft Infantry (Small) "LCI(S)" boat.
The Fairmile H LCS (L)

Landing Craft Support (Medium) (Particularly mk 3)
- British based on LCA, Mk 3 has 4in smoke mortar forwards, powered turret with twin vickers 50cals, and 2 lewis guns. Mk 1 and 2 have similar armament, Mk 3 had a 'ship like bow'. 26 in action at Normandy.
Landing Craft Support (Large) (Mks 1 and 2)
- British designs, Mk 1 is a 47 foot design, possibly a lengthened LCA? with a Daimler AC / Tetrach turret with 2pdr forwards? I know very little about this craft and have not seen any pictures. [:?] 4 used at Normandy.
- Mk2 is based on Fairmile H (Landing Craft Infantry (Small)), has a twin vickers 50cal turret to the rear, Oerlikons in side barbettes and a 6pdr Valentine Mk IX turret and 4in smoke mortar forwards. 11 built, 10 committed at Normandy, 2 later lost at Walcheren.

Tonnage 63 -100 tonnes
equipage 2 officiers et 15 hommes  et  6 officiers et 96 hommes
Longueur 32.03 m
Largeur 6.50 m
Tirant d'eau 0.86-1.12 m
Motorisation,1 moteur 1500 CV Hal-Scott .
Vitesse 15 n (28 km/h)
Armement variable: 2x20 mm Oerlikon, 2 x. 303 Lewis. + une tourellle de Valentine pour 10 LCS





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