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2eGM 1939 Gasmask Chevaux St Laurent

2eGM 1939 Gasmask Chevaux St Laurent
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On April 22, 1915 during their attack on the French, Germany became the first military to utilize chemical warfare with a chlorine gas.  From this point forward, chemical warfare became a widespread threat and gas masks became standard issue.  Since horses were often used to transport supplies and ammunition to the trenches, gas masks were also designed to protect them.  Soldiers would train with their horses using the gas masks in order to familiarize the animal with the apparatus and off-set potential problems once they stepped onto the fields.The respirator used by the horses  included a flannelette bag with a corresponding canvas mouthpiece, which would be inserted into the horse’s mouth.  An elastic band ensured the respirator would remain close to the horse’s face when in use.


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