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Hunting Percival Harrier 1963 Rome

Hunting Percival Harrier 1963  Rome
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Extremely rare, folding, four seater lightweight jeep, only four built for air drop trials in 1957.
Designed to be dropped from an aircraft by parachute and used for land missions.
A commercial private venture built by Hunting Percival Aircraft Company, Luton, England.
Designed by Mr J.Dolphin of Marlow,Bucks. ( Patent No 687794, 1953), at a time when the Army was looking for lightweight vehicles which could be used by airborne forces and carried in aircraft or slung under early helicopters. Vehicle could be folded into a box shaped unit measuring 3.16mx0.90cmx60cm for ease of transport. It could be lifted by its crew of four, unfolded and running in about 1 minute.69 km/h60mph
The vehicle was described and a brief spec shown in one of the booklets produced by the Fighting Vehicles Research and Development Establishment at Chertsey to act as a guide and sales brochure at the, then, annual military vehicle shows in the 1950s and 1960s.