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Mark II Female Bovington

Mark II Female Bovington
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The Mk. II and III

As the Mark I showed many limitations, the next batch of 50 tanks (25 females and 25 males) were built at Foster & Co and Metropolitan for training purposes only. There were some claims about their unhardened steel plates, but all seems to show that the Mk. IIs were regular Mk. Is with a few modification for training purposes. Some 20 were sent to France for advanced training and those left remained at the Wool training ground in Dorset. However in 1917 there weren't enough tanks operational for the offensives planned in April 1917 near Arras, and twenty surviving Mk. Is and all the Mk. IIs remaining in Britain were put in action (despite some protests), suffering high casualties, mainly due to the new armor-piercing bullets the Germans employed.
The Mark III were training tanks as well (the great improvements were still planned for the Mk. IV) and were all fitted with Lewis machine guns in smaller, lighter sponsons. Otherwise few changes were visible at the beginning, as this batch of 50 vehicles was designed to incorporate all the Mk. IV improvements. Deliveries were slow and none left Great Britain.


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