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1961 Emetteur Recepteur P104 M Montélimar

1961 Emetteur Recepteur P104 M Montélimar
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R-104 M is a Russian short wave radio from the first years of the NVA. The complete set is found in a vehicle; the device alone with power supplying pack could be used also portable or stationarily
The set is used in Motorised Rifle and Artillery Regiments and also is used by the Reconnaissance, Signal, and chemical elements of a tank battalion. It has been replaced by the R-104 M

Technical data: R-104
Mass + weights:
Radio: L/b/h: 445 x 290 x 255 mm; 22 kg.
Wooden box: L/b/h: 675x 425 x 330 mm; 44 kg.
Transmitting power
A3: Portable: 1,0 W, mobile: 10 W
Ranges: portable mobile
Blade antenna A1 30 km 50 km
Long wire A1 50 km 50 km
Current supply
portable: with Power Supplying Pack with batteries;
mobile: added to above a Transverter at 12 V.
A1: 4 UV, A3: 8 UV.
Sections of the radio:
Wooden box
R-104 pack (Transceiver), potential transformer, stretcher belt, back cushion, headphone, long wire antenna, blade antenna 2,7m, Kulikov antenna.
In the radio operator's bag,
Telephone handset, long wire antenna, hand lamp, screwdriver.
In the antenna bag (a large extra bag):
12-m-Mast with all necessary material
2 times 2,4 NC 25
Built in: GDR (VEB Grubenlampenwerk Dessau)
Capacity: 2,4V 24 AH
Used for: R-105 D, R-108 D, R-109 D, R-104 etc.
120 x 65 x 185 mm