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1e GM 1914 W├╝rttembergisches Dragoner-Regimenter

Württembergisches Dragoner-Regimenter n°25 Königin Olga Paris
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Le  " (1 of Württemberg) No 25 was 1806 (1813 [A 1]) until 1919, a regiment of the Württemberg army. In her last barracks Ludwigsburg they were in the vernacular also called the white dragoon.
The body - Chevauxlegers Regiment was established in 1806 with four squadrons and in 1811 renamed body - Chevaulegers Regiment No. 2 The regiment was part of the 1813 Brigade Normann . On the return journey to Ludwigsburg on 19 November 1813 the commander was discharged and the regiment received on 17 November 1813 the new name Jäger Regiment No. 4 Prince Adam . In the reorganization of the army , the regiment received on 31 March 1817 the name 4 Cavalry Regiment .
Certificate of the Dragoons, Queen Olga ( 1 Württ. ) No 25

By a decree of King Charles of 19 December 1864 was continued the earlier tradition and adds the names of some regiments , the regiment was given the fourth Cavalry Regiment Queen Olga [ 1]. In 1870 it was renamed 1st Dragoon Regiment Queen Olga and on 2 October 1871 to 1 Württembergisches Dragoon Regiment Queen Olga On 18 December 1871 were all Württemberg regiments additional numbers . This corresponded to the consecutive numbering of all regiments of the German Armed Forces , regardless of their affiliation to one of the quotas , the regiment was given the number 25 1 Württembergisches Dragoon Regiment No. 25 Queen Olga All Württemberg troops received on 14 December 1874 the names in the final notation and numbering : Dragoon Regiment "Queen Olga " (1 of Württemberg ) No 25

The regiment became the first Dissolved in May 1919 [ 2].

The tradition of the regiment took over in the Reichswehr , the first ( Württemberg ) Squadron of the 18th Reiter Regiment.