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1eGM 1918 Röhrensender-Empfänger Telefunken ARS 68

1e GM 1918 Allemagne  Röhrensender-Empfänger Telefunken Type ARS 68  Bruxelles
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Avec ces petits postes les emissions étaient bonnes . 600 petites stations avec des anntennes de 50m de haut furent commandées afin de  subvenir aux troupes engagées dans la guerre des tranchées  A la fin du mois de mai 1918 100 stations avaiéent livrées


With these devices good ranges were obtained in all cases. In one required by the practice use case, both devices were eg been created to high antennas of 50 m medium mast height a distance of around 600 small stations of various kinds, which were adapted to the trench warfare in every way , and as a result of their easy transportability there for their use hardly an obstacle , because were where people go, that it was high up in the mountains , whether in tunnels or shelter , whether in shell holes , be it in the bullet-ridden , all the easily transportable devices could be immediately taken into service to bring the connection with the command posts .
End of May 1918, the first 100 devices for testing to the front
- Small tube transmitter type ARS 69 tube transceiver type ARS to bridge 68 km over land and made it without sound amplifiers . In a dividing section of about 2 km frontage could not only ( as it should) 12 units , but due to the possibility of supplies with the lowest and proved themselves thoroughly , so that after only minor improvements began mass production . The extent to which deliveries were made , shows the following brief overview .