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Hanomag ST 100 Saumur

Hanomag St 100 Saumur
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Construit en 1936 pour des missions civiles Le tracteur Gigant fut rapidement adopté par les militaire car il était puissant grace à son moteur diesel de 100 Cv 4 cylindres de 8.5 litres. La version militaire fut demonndée SS 100 et il fut largement emploié par les forces armées allemandes notament pour le transport des V2 sur la remorque Vidalwagen ou pour tout autres equipement de la Luftwaffe comme le carburant des avions aréactions
Après la guerre sa production repis sous le nom de ST 100 et il faut largment employé par les civils comme par l'Armée française ( FFA) . Il faut utilisé jsuque dans les années  60
PTAC  24000 kg
Charge utile 12000 Kgs
Poids à vide 6.682 Kgs
Longeur: 5.45 m
Largeur: 2.4 m
Hauteur: 2.75 m
Moteur  100 CV Diesel: 6cylindres 8.5 litres
Vitesse 45 km/h


 Originally manufactured in 1936 as the SP-100 heavy agriculture tractor, it was quickly ordered for military use because he has higthtly performances with his 100 hp 8.5-liter six-cylinder diesel engine..
Modified and produced in both two and four-door versions with a new designation of SS-100, this Hanomag vehicle became one of the most widely used heavy tractors in German Military service.
It could accommodate up to five passengers and a driver and sported a variety of supplemental equipment attached to the rear frame. Its civilian designation was ‘Gigant’,
Luftwaffe referred to it as a heavy road tractor,
Best known for its use with the V-2 missile towing the “Vidalwagen” which transported the V2 rocket from the railhead to the launch units’ preparation facility it was also used for towing aircraft, bombs, gasoline trailers and B-Stoff trailers for the Me-163 Komet program. Its use was not restricted to the Luftwaffe,
After the end of World War II was the Hanomag with this model, the eagerly anticipated new material clientele to offer its first road tractors from peace manufacturing. In 1946, production was resumed, and until the end of production in 1952, ti the "ST 100" tractors in the Hannover factory
The post-war cars were vehicles buitt fot the former Wehrmacht with an extended cab. As a four-door sedan was here through separate doors, the rear seat to be climbed.
Many of the now manufactured tractors were delivered to the troops stationed in Germany, ( French army ).
With a top speed of only 48 km / h it was also determined not to be very spoiled carters long-distance transport is too slow. The long distances on country roads and highways were still a few to the domain of "normal" trucks. In the niche now was the broad spectrum of "ST 100". Circus and fairground people rejoiced at their maneuverability when parking and in forestry, there was much to transport long wood.
He was used by the French Army. and after the war production continued for civilains use
, Hanomag tractors were popular for use as fairground equipment transports well into the 1960s.
Tecnical Data

Weight: 24000 kg
Payload 12000 Kgs
Empty load 6.682 Kgs
Length: 5.45 m
Width: 2.4 m
Height: 2.75 m
Engine: 100 Hp  Diesel 6-cylinder 8.5 liter
Speed 45 km/h