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LRM Nebelwerfer schwere Wurfgerät 41 (sWg41)

Nebelwerfer schwere Wurfgerät 41 (sWg41)
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SWG 40/41

The throwing devices were precursors to all 28/32 cm and 30 cm-thrower and fired its explosive and flame-throwing bodies that were simply placed on wooden or steel frame or improvised props, immediately out of the package, The Weight was for wood 30kgs and in steel 20 kg.
The heavy throwing device sWg40 was made ??of wood.
The fixed appliances are usually packed in fours side by side on the shooting frame. He can be fire also placed on the ground


Around 40 frames per battery litter with 160 projectiles were installed under greater zeitaufwanf and ignited electrically in 30 seconds with the Glühzündapparat.
The elevation field in which the union increase was noted with 35 or protractor with swing protractor in the simplest way, was from 180 to 800 bar.
The devices were cheap:
Heavy cast frame cost Rm 298.70
Packing case beetweenr 41.60 RM 45.40 RM
Pprojectile-blasting. 22.50 RM
Projectile Flame 33.12
Manufacturer was the company Gast, Berlin-Lichenberg. A litter frame required 39 hours of work, the packing case seven and the projectile itself 15.8 and 11.1 hours.
The volley ofbattery SWG brought at once 8000 kg explosives or flame oil to the enemy.
The firing range was half as large as in the fog cannons, use the shot distance was between 800 m and 1,200 m.

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