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Type 80 Pekin

Type 80 Pekin
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Type 80 MBT
Type 80 is a mix between hold and new He has a new chassis with a turret of the Type 69 MBT but with different armament. Type 80 has a four-man crew
Type 80 all-welded hull is divided into three main compartments with the driver at the front, fighting compartment in the center, and the engine and transmission at the rear. . The tank commander, gunner and loader sit in the turret with the commander on the left, gunner forward and below the commander, and the loader on the right. Composite armor can also be added to the vehicle's front and turret for increased protection. Additionally, the Type 80 has smoke laying capabilities.
Type 80 hassix dual rubber-tired road wheels on each side with the drive sprocket at the rear, idler at the front and three track return rollers. The first, second, fifth and sixth road wheel stations have hydraulic shock absorbers. He can carried  two optional drum-type fuel tanks that can be mounted on the rear for an increased operational range.
The turret has a commander's cupola with a forward-opening hatch cover with two integral periscopes for side observation. three frontal observation periscopes mounted forward of the commanders hatch. and the loader's left opening circular hatch cover.4  forward-firing electrically-operated smoke dischargers on each side and a stowage basket that runs around the sides and rear of the turret.
Glacis plate receive a splash board and the driver's single left opening hatch cover, in front of which are two day periscopes, one of which can be replaced by an infrared periscope for night driving. two circular exhaust outlets on the right side of the hull.Snorkel for deep fording mounted on the loaders hatch  Snorkel for deep fording mounted on the loaders hatch  He can ford 1.4 meters without and  with 5 meters with preparation.
Armored track skirt plates with hinged wavy bottoms to allow for suspension maintenance.
1 Type 80-II. The Type 80-II is virtually identical to the basic Type 80 except that it has a slightly greater combat weight and a greater overall length. Other specifications are internal
2 Type 85-II and Type 85-IIA. These two vehicles have been developed with a welded turret that can be fitted with additional armor protection. Exact differences between the Type 85 and Type 85-II are unknown; Type 85-II is slightly heavier and shorter in length. Armament is the same as in the Type 80 except that the Type 85-II can carry 46 rounds of 105-mm ammunition while the Type 85-IIA can carry 44 rounds. Other differences are internal .
ford 5 meters with preparation.
Technical Data
Weight, 38,000 kg.
Length, 6.325 meters.
Width 3.372 meters.
Height , 2.290 meters.
Ground clearance, 0.48 meters.
Trench 2.7m
Fuel capacity, 1,400 liters.
Maximum road range, 430 km.
Maximum road speed, 55-60 km/h..
climb a 60-% grade.
climb a 40-% side slope.
Main Armament. 105-mm rifled gun fitted with a fume extractor and a thermal sleeve. The ammunition load for the 105-mm gun is 44 rounds.
Secondary Armament. 12.7-mm AA MG mounted on the loader's hatch and a 7.62-mm machine gun mounted coaxially to the main armament.