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LĂ©opard 2A4 Schulpanzer Bundeswehr

Léopard 2A4 Schulpanzer Bundeswehr
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Le chassis du Léopard 2 A4 sert de base à cette transformation en véhicule école. Une caisse vitrée serant de ballast acceuille le moniteur et 2 eleves . 38 chars léopard 2 ont été commandés pour la Bundeswehr

Leopard 2 A4  was used is in this project to be modified iin driving tanks. This was put on the unaltered chassis cab with a driving school instructor for ballast ring and two other learner drivers. This cabin has an additional Kanonenatrappe. The instructor has all the fittings and can override the learner.
In total there are 38 Leopard 2 tanks driving school held by Bundeswehr


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