LRM Type 74 284 mm Pekin

Type 74 284 mm LRM Pékin
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This minelaying heavy rocket systems used by by engineer units of the People's Liberation Army for the rapid emplacement of anti-tank minefields in forward areas was mounted on the rear platform of a CA-30A (6 × 6) truck
Little information has been released regarding the type 74 minelaying rocket system and its associated rockets.
He was entered in service with combat engineer units of the PLA  during the mid-1970s,
This system is carried on Jiefang CA-30A 6 × 6 trucks, with the launcher 
The launcher  is 4 m long five-rail I-shaped frame system for 10 rockets with a team of four required to load each unguided rocket manually. The fin-stabilised Type 74 rockets each carry 10 plastic-cased Type 69 or Type 72 anti-tank mines in a bulbous warhead.
He  normally operate in units of 4  In one salvo he  can lay a single 400 × 400 m minefield  at 1,500m within 15 seconds.With heavier Type 85 the maximum range is  3,500 m
For the manipulation the crew was of  6, four of whom sit behind the driver's cab on an open bench seat.
A replacement wheel and tyre is stowed in the vertical position to the immediate rear of the cab on the right side.
For firing, the launcher has two stabiliser legs that are lowered by crew using the manual controls at the rear of the chassis and steel shutters which are used to protect the cab windows.
The rocket
The rockets are loaded onto the rails manually, with five rockets above and five below the launch rails. The rails may be elevated between +7 and +48° and traversed 90° left and 45° right; during transit, the rails point forward.
The Type 74 rocket  with solid propellant has a maximum body diameter of 284 mm and is 2.47 m long.The maximum minelaying range is 1,500 m with flight stabilisation provided by four fixed tailfins. Launch velocity is 34.6 m/s, increasing to a maximum of 120 m/s Mines then fall to the ground where, after an arming delay, they can be detonated by pressure The Type 85 rocket is 2.6 m long and weighs 156 kg. A single full unit salvo can create a minefield 700 m wide and 400 m deep.
This system has been offered for export sales, but with no noted success.
Technical data
Caliber 284 mm
Number of rocket lunchers 10
Number of drive wheels 6
Number of wheels 6
Firing range 1500 m




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