1745 Infanterie-Regiment NR. 6 Grenadier-Garde

Mitre Infanterie Regiment NR. 6 Grenadier-Garde 1745  Bruxelles
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Regimental History

1674 during Swedish invasion in Brandenburg state  a squad was formed for the Protection of Berlin  in  may 1675  She was namede "regiment Kurprinz" formed as a regiment of foot for the new Elector Friedrich (1657-1713)
In 1701 it was called "Regiment Kronprinz".
Meanwhile, in  1710 Crown Prince Frederick William I recruit, the famous Große Leib-Bataillon" of the 'Langen Kerls', 
  and called,  1711 Rotes Bataillon' because of its red vests and pants   He took over the command of the regiment itself.
In 1713 was the III. Battalion of I.R. 22, became the Leib-Bataillon of the regiment, which was now called "Königs Regiment " and until 1740 15 squadrons' große Grenadiers ", had this since 1733 / to 1734  three wings grenadier companies, a significant training and testing force that after the Pomeranian campaign of 1715
25 years of peace often was able to exploit. She was closely associated with the Potsdam garrison and moved into their spare as the IR 15 - over the '‘Korps der Unrangierten der Garde' from the Freiregimentern of the Army, also from the "Königs-Kanton" " six Silesian mountain districts, practically an additional battalion.
He held the rank of sergeant of the army cadets, all soldiers higher pay.
On 28th july /1740  kept Frederick only one battalion, from February / March 1743 bore the name of the boss. Since his I.R. 15 now "Königs Garde" was the other two battalions arrived there, the body company to the new IR 34 and 35, unsuitable men to garrison-bag. to Magdeburg.
Thus the tradition was maintained, it played a recognized, but restrained role.
1801 it was the only GardeGrenadier-Bataillon'
In 1806 he surrender with the main army surrendered at Erfurt and Prenzlau.

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Chief of the Regiment
1675 Prince Frederick III.

Friedrich Wilhelm (Brandenburg) 1620 1688

1688 Prince Frederick William I

Friedrich I. (Preußen) 1657 1713

1713 King Frederick William I

Friedrich Wilhelm I. (Preußen) 1688 1740

1743 02.03. Major General Godfrey Emanuel von Einsiedel sp. Lieutenant General
1745 27.10. Colonel Wolf Friedrich von Retzow sp. Lieutenant General
1760 05.02. Major General Friedrich Christoph von Saldern, sp. Lieutenant General

1766 20.12. Colonel Hans Sigismund von Lestwitz,  sp. Major-general
1779 17.06. Major General Friedrich Wilhelm von Rohdich, sp. Infantry General, President of the Higher War College
1796 29.01. Major General Adam Dietrich von Roeder
1798 19.01. Colonel Friedrichv. Ingersleben
1801 21.12. Colonel Karl Ludwig von Le Coq, Commander-in-chief



At War 
1677 it took part in the campaign against the Swedes in Pomerania
1686, fought in oven
1689 at Kaiserswerth and Bonn on the Rhine
1691 A Dutch battalion  Solde covered at Leuze retreat and defeated two regiments, but suffered heavy losses at Steenkerken.
1695, it was reflected in Namur,
1696 in Ghent,
1697 Oudenarde. W
1704 besieged it funds and fought at Blenheim
From 1706 to 1712, there was fighting in Flanders at Menin, Oudenarde, Ghent, Malplaquet, Tournai, Mons, Bethune, Douai, Landrecy and Meurs.
In the First Silesian War, it was in the camp goddess
6 apri 1745 Hohenfriedberg it made in the Guards Brigade in the first meeting left the last infantry attack with losses at 184 men
30 September 1745 at thrush broke the Guards Brigade, the center of the Saxons and Austrians
at Burkersdorf, stormed the wing grenadier company that Graner Koppe. It lost nearly a third.
11 mau 1575 . Rossbach  the wing grenadier company had the battles of Prague and Lobositz behind. Leuthen during the storming of the cemetery as part of the Guards Brigade, it accomplished 'miracles of bravery'. It lost 36 dead here, a 156 wounded. 14.10.1758 Hochkirch threw it towards the west of the village in a closed counter-attack and the Garden of the infantry regiments 20 and 26 of the enemy and pushed his left wing back a little far. It has approx. 335 men lost.
15 augst 1760 at Liegnitz it stood at the Katzbach. The losses were negligible.
11 March1760 Torgau the Guards Brigade was the opponent in the back and flank and decided the nearly lost battle. The attack cost the battalion eight officers, 338 men





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